Website ServicesWebsite Design, Development, Hosting, and Maintenance

Worker Bee Digital Arts offers a myriad of Website Design and Development services to help create and maintain your web presence. Our mission is to ensure you are not missing out on vital traffic and clientele. A properly created and maintained website can act as a silent salesperson, cultivating new business with minimal effort. A poorly maintained, out of date, or non mobile-friendly website can set a bad precedent for your business and drive clientele away from you.

Website Design and Development

A unique offering for anyone looking for a custom mobile-responsive website creation; Worker Bee Digital Arts offers both Website Design and Development in house. Save yourself both time and hassle by removing the communication between a designer and a developer. Your perfect website awaits you with a custom CMS (Content Management System) website ready and waiting to take your online sales and marketing to the next level. Although our specialty lies in dynamic and affordable WordPress websites, we bring a strong background in many other facets of web design and development allowing for a unique level of service.

Samples of Website Designs

web-template-1 passageways-site website-demo-1

Ongoing Website Maintenance and Updates

With a strong background in many different platforms including HTML5, CSS3, PHP, JS and more, Worker Bee Digital Arts is ready and available to perform routine maintenance, updates, and repairs on existing websites (whether they were created in house or elsewhere.) Even if you are not ready for a complete website makeover, we can help ensure that your website is performing to the best of its ability.

Website Hosting

Hosting available to in-house clientele whose sites have been created by Worker Bee Digital Arts.